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Mens Poker Night

Men’s Poker Night – a good time playing cards with your neighbors.

The men meet about every 6 to 8 weeks, schedule permitting, and rotate hosting at each house. It is typically on a Friday night, starting at 7:30pm and ending by midnight. The host provides snacks. It is BYOB.

If you are interested in playing on a regular basis, please contact Tom Damle to be added to the invitation/distribution list. The list is limited to a maximum of 7 participants who will take turns in playing and hosting the event. In addition, there will be a substitution list for occasional players. The events are intended for KHA residents; but if we run out of interested players, we will invite others from our neighboring housing sub-divisions.


  • Each player starts with $10.00 and plays his heart out till the money or time runs out….
  • Bidding: 50 cents limit on Max bid and up to 3 raises with single raise over 25 Cents.
  • Ante: Dealer pays for all and gets the pot started.
  • Games: All up to 7 card stud
  • No smoking and no political discussion

Term Limit:

We will kick off the new season on Oktoberfest 2017 with a signup sheet. The year ends with Oktoberfest 2018.

Coordinator: Tom Damle, Click here to e-mail Tom for 2017-2018 season.

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