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Supper Club
Supper Club focuses on a good time visiting with friends and neighbors. This year's menus include our traditional Texas bar-b-que, a Southern Living evening, the Winter Holiday feast, and a New England shore dinner, among others. There is always plenty of food and drink, and no one has to host a group more than once in the Club's season.

Even if you can't join us every month, we would like to meet you, so join up as a substitute. We'll call you if we have a few extra places at the table!

We meet the third Saturday of each month from August through May, except for October.

The average Supper Club dinner costs about $30 - $40 per couple including beverages. Where else can two people eat a gourmet meal, from appetizers through dessert, including wine, for around $30 - $40 per couple. That's like a couple of value meals with large fries!

For more information contact Libby Perry.

Click here for the current and archived supper club menus.

KHA Supper Club KHA Supper Club
KHA Supper Club KHA Supper Club

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