Membership Directories

Access provided to Kimberlea Home Owner Members only. If you have paid your annual dues, contact Audrey Batchelor ( for the user name and password. To protect everyone’s privacy, we discourage paid members from sharing the user name and password with others.

On both lists (sorted by name or address) current paid members are marked with an **; their information should be correct as of this year. Entries not asterisked reflect data captured the last time dues were received from the corresponding address. If you have edits for the Directory, please provide them to Audrey Batchelor (

Online updates will be made twice a year. One update will be in the winter following Oktoberfest when the majority of KHA dues and updated resident information is collected, and a second time in the summer allowing residents to pay dues and update their contact information in response to the annual invoice delivered at the beginning of the year.

The Directory is not only a perk for members, but an incentive to encourage more families to join KHA. We will accept dues anytime during the year, which are $50 annually.

The Directory user name and password will be available upon receipt of KHA dues.