Important Contact Information


Plano Police: Contact for all emergency situations


Plano Police non-emergency number: Call to report non-threatening activity


Larry Kryske, KHA Crime Watch Coordinator: Contact to report any criminal activity in Kimberlea (after contacting the police) or if you have any questions or concerns regarding Kimberlea

Larry Kryske monitors crime reports from the city; crime alerts that affect the immediate Kimberlea neighborhood are emailed to individuals who have registered to receive the KHA quarterly newsletter and crime alerts online.  Go to this link to register to receive the online alerts.

Meet our KHA Crime Watch Coordinator: Larry Kryske

Commander Larry Kryske, U.S. Navy (Ret.)
Kimberlea Crime Watch Coordinator

Larry Kryske and his wife, Naomi, have lived at 3720 Sandia Drive since 2006. They moved to North Texas after Hurricane Katrina destroyed their home in Pascagoula on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Larry served as a career naval officer (ship driver) and a private school administrator/teacher. He is President of Your Finest Hour Leadership Programs, a full service leadership development business ( Naomi is an author. Her first novel, The Witness, was published in August, 2012 ( Both Larry and Naomi are members of Spring Valley United Methodist Church and are Stephen Ministers. They have five grown children and three grandchildren, two of whom live five minutes away.

Safety and security go hand in hand. A safe community has a secure environment in which we can live and work. A secure community is one where we can feel safe as we go about our lives. Under this general framework, Larry will share with you each quarter in the KHA newsletter some ideas to help keep you and your family safe and secure. Please remember, however, that he is not a policeman. If you have a genuine emergency, please dial 911. If you have a non-emergency to report to the police, please call 972.424.5678. Larry did serve in a number of security positions on four warships, had a tour with weapon safety and security at the Defense Nuclear Agency, was involved in some security projects in the Pentagon, and had a police force and fire department that worked for him when he commanded U.S. Naval Station, Pascagoula, MS. Larry’s wife, Naomi, and he both graduated from the Plano Citizens Police Academy, and they have watched abundant reruns of NYPD Blue and Law & Order.

Please feel free to e-mail Larry if you have any questions or suggestions. He looks forward to meeting each of you as we work together to make Kimberlea an even better place to live and raise our families.


Additional Safety Information

Officer Mark Dawson of the Plano Police Department will on appointment come to your home and do a security walk through. Mark is extremely helpful and especially appreciates a cup of fresh coffee.

The Plano police web site posts all crime watch bulletins for the city under the crime watch link:

There are four Crime Watch ALERT NUMBERS, one assigned to each sector of the city, and any citizen can call to listen to Crime Watch Bulletins in any sector. Our Kimberlea neighborhood is in Sector C. C sector’s ALERT NUMBER is 972.334.8430. The Plano Police Crime Watch Unit posts the Crime Watch messages. The benefit of this system is any citizen can call any sector to listen to bulletins posted for that sector.